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All our Siberians are AKC Registered and sired by or out of conformation champions. We have two who have been imported from Russia and Italy.
 *All of our Siberians have Eye OFA VOC CERF clearances when of age ( as early as 4 months) they are on a yearly schedule and all go in at once no matter their age when it is time. 

2019:   *Wellness complete Vet Exam booster vaccines on ALL DOGS: 01/09/2019 All dogs passed with no issues ~

 You will notice that all our dogs either wear, britches or belly bands while inside of our home. Due to the fact, all of our dogs live with us in our home full time and are intact they will mark territory and domain off and on. Even the females do this behavior now and then when coming into heat. Also when female dogs go into heat the bleed for nearly two weeks or more. The britches and belly bands keep my house clean and let me know when the girls are in heat or coming into heat. I keep a very clean home and a bit of a clean freak lol and do not want dog urine and blood on the carpet or furniture. Siberian Huskies are easy to house train and other than marking when coming into season my dogs are fully housebroken.

We are in the process of Importing a Phenomenal Black Male to add new blood to our dogs as we move forward after Retiring Davi. Our new Gentleman  Blitz will arrive Feb 7th 2020. Very excited to have him. Updates coming soon he is 7 months old these are 4 month old pics 

This stunning  Male More pics coming soon is one of our homebred he will be taking his sire's place here as we will be moving Davi on once he is more mature. We will be placing Davi in a home shortly. This boy's dam is our Russian import "Ezsi" and Sired By "Davi: so fabulous lines behind him. 



This Lovely Grey Girls grandsire is the famous " CH Innisfree Taka Chance" Mr. Brilliant: Top champion lines behind her, lines I truly appreciate and adore She is very lovely and mellow. She will be living with our Co-Breeder Eric after her next litter.


Our lovely "Eszi" this lovely lady was imported from Russia. So stunning and a snuggler. Beautiful conformation and is double bred Trillium Blue Siberian Husky line. She is from some of the ultimate best lines,husqvarna Siberian Huskies, Kristari, Innisfree, Foxfire Siberians. Some of the very finest.

This will be the name of a Talya Nebessa planned breeding Spring 2020.

This will be the name of the female we keep out of Eszi X Vasily. Pic to come once who keep a girl from this cross

"Dakine" homebred "Eska" is very very special. Her sire is "Davi" Dam is retired "Lyudmila" this lovely Girl lives with loved by and is owned by my daughter Candice Trobitz in Redding CA she is will be in our breeding program she is a great example of what we put on the ground Her personality is amazing and she is the perfect Siberian as far as looks and structure and such a breathtaking headpiece she has (head for the breed). Lovely homebred girl.

Pictured here is "Eska's" Dam who is now retired "Lyudmila" Very stunning lovely girl who produced "Eska" Now lives her life and a spoiled retired family member in a fantastic home.

Davi: My love for this boy he will be missed. Living his life out to the fullest with his forever home at 3 1/2 years of age. Sire to our "Afanasy Aleksei " who will take his place and carry on his bloodline.


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